My First Buddy Box!


I received my first BuddyBox recently and I love love love it! It’s put out by Blurt, who support people with depression. The site is amazing all on it’s own without the box, so please go and have a look. Depression is a really lonely place, I know, and sometimes you just want to do something to help yourself. Go there. Look around. Maybe buy yourself a box!

So the BuddyBox is like a little bit of love delivered to your door, and although it’s more expensive than my other boxes, but not only was the contents adorable, I know the money is going to an awesome place.

I fell instantly in love. Look at all the cactus stuff! I love cacti! And the sailor socks! Are you being serious? There’s also a soap which smells just amazing, and, tucked underneath the socks, is a little pen. It’s an amazing box.

It also came with some postcards, which I forgot to take a nice picture of the first time round, so you have to have the shambled ‘propped against my laptop’ pictures.IMG_7883

From left to right, there’s a postcard to write something nice on for a stranger to leave wherever you choose. Being as I work in a hospital now, I think it’s the best place to leave it. The one on the right is one you can send as a postcard, which is cute. The middle one is a card about the foundation itself, and I took a picture of that because it’s important.


I made a post on my instagram to them and they replied in a very charming way! Nicest people ever! Thank you Blurt Foundation!


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