Autumnal Plus Sized Clothing

Oh Autumn. Autumn is my favourite season. It’s not quite sweater weather, but we need to start wrapping up warmer! Ponchos, kimonos, plaid shirts, bed wear! Let’s go!

Kimono’s & Ponchos

They’re really, really in at the moment. And sure they sometimes look like you’re wearing a rug or some curtains, but here’s some pretty ones!

 Mono Print Kimono (£12) Sizes 16-24

Paisley Print Kimono (£16) Sizes 18-22







Striped Fringe Poncho (£20) XL-3XL







Hooded Plaid Poncho (£19) XL







Marled Stripe Toggle Poncho (£32) XL-3XL


Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts are everywhere! I love them! I have one, I need more in my life. You can wear them over clothes, they’re perfect for layering, and if you get hot you can wrap it around your waist. It’s all good.

 Bonnie Checked Shirt (£15) Sizes 16-24

Lilly Checked Shirt (£15) Sizes 16-22

Penelope Checked Shirt (£15) Sizes 16-24







Buffalo Plaid Shirt (£14.90) XL-3XL

This style is a little bit different from the regular style shirts. I like this one. It buttons only half way down, so whilst you can’t take it off and wrap it around your waist, you can pair it with a vest, and as you can see the sleeves roll up. It has a slightly more feminine cut to it, so it would be more flattering on a fuller figure.







Pocket Plaid Shirt (£18) XL-2XL

This is a slightly more styled plaid, both in the pattern and in the design of the shirt. It has a slightly more feminine style to it, like the shirt above, but this one buttons all the way down so you can wear it as layering, like a light (very light) jacket, or done up fully.







70s Shirt in Check (£25) 18-28

I love this shirt so much! And I might also be a little bit in love with the model, I think she’s stunning. But the colours are beautifully autumnal, and again the cut of the shirt is slightly more fitted, so it will sit nicely around the bust area.


Autumn is the best time to spend days off laying in bed. Netflix and chill on your own. Or with someone else.

 Anna Snooze Nightwear Tee (£8) Sizes 16-24







No Selfie Control (£18) Sizes 18-22







Pirate T-Shirt and Shorts (£18) Sizes 18-26


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