Birchbox – November 2015

This month’s Birchbox was put together by Skinnydip London, and it’s pretty awesome!


REN – Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial – £32


I always appreciate something that makes my skin feel nice and cared for, especially considering I’m ridiculously old now and I need to do everything I can to keep myself looking beautiful. Reasonably beautiful. The fact that this tingles when you put it on your face is encouraging. It’s actual beauty sleep! I really enjoyed the two nights I got out of the sample. It’s not recommended for sensitive skin, but I really feel like it works well on normal skin. I felt nice and refreshed and less walking dead in the morning.


LORD & BERRY – Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner – £9


I’ve been desperate to try Lord and Berry products for forever! And being as I’ve just invested in a lipstick coat that will stop it coming off on everything, having a product that will stop my lipstick spreading across my face upwards is brilliant! I’m stoked! I love it. And it’s absolutely invisible, there’s not even a hint of the liner, no matter what ridiculous angles I stand at in the light. I’m going to be putting this to it’s full use at a wedding this coming weekend!


COWSHED – Cow Pat Hand Cream – from £8

cowshedCowshed do amazing products. They’re adorable and they’re also very good. This hand cream has come in useful since I’m now working in a lab and have to wash my hands a million times a day. The smell isn’t something I’d usually go in for (grapefruit and coriander) but when it wafts up to you every so often as you’re going about your business it’s actually quite pleasant. It’s very, very moisturising, you won’t need a lot of it, and it’s incredibly good at moisturising. Mmm.


NUMBER 4 – Lumier d’Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect – £204

I’ve used some Number 4 products before, I used a hair mask to make my hair less dead like, and they are really, really good. Not only that, but they smell subtle but nice. This product is for detangling, really, and strengthening, but it’s awesome to use after a shower if you’re going to be leaving your hair to air dry, which I normally do. Spray, brush through, and then as it dries it dries without looking like too much of a birds nest, and doesn’t go wild. This is very important to me, since my hair does a Harry Styles thing once I’ve washed it if it’s not immediately tamed. Really good! Much pleased.

DELAROM – Creme Acquaconfort – £34

delaromThis might seem a little overpriced for a moisturiser, but seriously, it’s a moisturiser that packs a punch! You can feel the softness of your skin immediately, it goes on so smoothly, and it doesn’t have a really strong smell, it’s just there, just subtle. If you don’t want to wear make up for the day this would be great to put on in the morning to just perk your skin up, especially since it’s getting really cold now, and your skin needs to be taken care of.



L. ERICKSON – Grab & Go Ponytail Holder – £11.50 for 15


I’m a big fan of hair ties that don’t end up grabbing all of my hair and pulling it out in clumps when I take my hair down again. I got a nice brown hair tie, and since I’m currently that shade it goes well. I didn’t have any trouble at all when it came to snagging or pulling out my hair, it’s stretchy but also secure. I’m really rather pleased. Some days my hair is the bane of my existence, so anything that can help me suffer less is always welcomed!


Overall I’ve looooved this box! Lots of stuff to get me through the winter and the cold days without my skin and hair being a nightmare! Awesome! Thank you Skinnydip, and thanks, Birchbox!


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