Feel Fabulous Facial!

I should have added ‘free’ into the header, but I thought that was too much alliteration.

Two years ago I went to Paris, and I got insanely sunburnt. It wasn’t pretty. But it got to the point where my skin was just awful, and I worked in a public facing position at the time, so I thought I owed it to all those poor strangers to look less of a mess.

Exfoliating is good for your skin, this isn’t news. You can buy loads of products that will exfoliate you and they all claim to do new, wonderful things to your face. However, I’ve been doing this process with various different products of no real fanciness and I get the same awesome results every time. Obviously if you have a particular skin complaint, use whatever you want, but generally speaking, you don’t have to fork out.

(if you still have sunburn, please wait until your skin is on the healing and peeling stage before you embark on this!)


What You Will Need:

  • A facial scrub (I’m using Marine Scrub from My Little Box, which has actual salt in it doing the exfoliating. St. Ives is also really nice)
  • Exfoliating gloves (mine are from Superdrug. You could also use an exfoliating sponge or a special facial sponge)
  • A facial soap (I’m using Simple’s facial wash)
  • Moisturiser (Mine is Simple’s Day Cream. Or Night Cream, depending on time of day)


Step One

Obviously before you do anything, take off your make up, tie back your hair, make yourself a cup of tea. No need to have shaved or plucked anything yet, we’ll come round to that.


Step Two

Begin by wetting your face and using your facial scrub of choice. Fingers only this time. Massage it in all over, your forehead, the back of your ears, down your neck, everywhere you want to feel nice and soft. Go crazy!

When you feel as though you’ve rubbed enough, rinse everything off. This has done the job of removing the top layer of dirt and dead skin cells, so your face should feel quite nice already.


Step Three

Now put on your exfoliating mits or grab your sponge! Squeeze on your normal face wash and build into a lather before gently scrubbing your skin. Go to all the same places you went to before and get yourself nice and soapy. Do be gentle, though. You don’t want your skin to be painful.

Rinse again with warm water, make sure you get all the soapy bits cleaned away.


Step Four

Touch your face! Super soft, right?


Step Five

Now, if you want to do any plucking, shaving, or other hair removal, this is the best time! You skin should be nice and soft and ready to yield to your administrations! Also, if you have those fancy nose strips, this would be a great time to use them, too.


Step Six (or 5b?)

If you have any spots or problem areas, now is also the time to put on any ointments you use. If you have sunburn, slap on the aloe vera and bask in the loveliness!


Step Seven(ish)

Find your moisturiser! This is the most important bit after your exfoliation. After any kind of rigorous skin regime, moisturising! Non-scented and as natural as possible would be best, and if it’s got any other goodies in it, vitamins or boosting bits, all the better! Or just stick to aloe vera. Yum.


Step Eight

Touch your face! Get other people to touch your face! Admire your prettiness!


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