It’s annoying that the month I’ve been building up to calling #FeelFabulousFebruary has begun with me feeling anything but. I’ve been on the night shift for the last three nights (so all month so far) and I’ve got a stinking cold, and my period started. The latter is both a blessing and a curse, and explains why I’ve spent the last two nights on the verge of tears and dread at the prospect of going to work, which hasn’t happened since I started this job.


My mental health is touch and go at the moment, though I’m at least aware of all the contributing factors this time. For one, my body clock is messed up completely, my body doesn’t know when it’s supposed to be sleeping or eating, my medication cycle is a bit wonky, it’s all a bit off.


BUT #FeelFabulousFebruary is going to cover that! It’s all going to be fine. I have a few things planned to write about that will hopefully help you feel awesome about yourself, physically and mentally. Because you deserve it, you beautiful soul.


Today is also the day to talk about your mental health, which is wonderfully fitting. If you’re a bit uncertain about what your brain is doing, or if you’re feeling sad or misplaced, or if you don’t even know what you feel, go and visit Time To Change and explore their content. Have a cup of tea. Make sure you’ve eaten today. Have a shower. Put on your favourite song. I think you’re wonderful, and I want you to feel okay.
Stay tuned!


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