Glossybox – December 2015

I was really looking forward to this box because I love everything rose gold. And wow, the box itself is beautiful. It’s stunning. I’m keeping it forever. Everything about it down to the paper and the ribbon it’s tied up with are colour coordinated, and it’s a gorgeous effect.

Look! Look at this beautiful thing!



STARSKIN – Brightening Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Facial Mask (£8.50)

starskinEver had a long night out and woken up looking like you’ve been unceremoniously dug up? Ever wanted to look like a full on Phantom of the Opera? Then this is the product for you! I’ve seen these face masks around, the full cover ones, and they do look creepy as hell, but putting something cooling and just damn pleasant on your face is so wonderfully soothing. That alone is good enough to make you feel as though it’s doing something awesome, without all of the added shebang of the serums and oils and the scent- the scent is nice and refreshing. So even if the mask itself didn’t do anything particularly beautifying, the experience of wearing it for ten minutes is so insanely relaxing if your face isn’t full of smiles when you’re done then I’ll eat one.

CHEEKY – Chat Me Up Nail Paint (£7.00)


I had some initial reservations about this nail varnish, as I do with most nail varnishes. The shade I have is called Peach and Love, and it’s a soft soft almost nude colour. I was pleasantly surprised by it, actually! Of course it’s a light colour, it needs two or more coats, depending, but I’ve been wearing it a few days now in the lab and it’s lasted a long time without my trusty top coat. As well as that it’s super shiny, again without a top coat. The shade as well lends itself absolutely perfectly to some kind of French Manicure do. So I’m pleased. I like it. I might even consider rummaging through their other colours.

SO SUSAN – Statement Skin Highlighting Crayon (£15.00)

sosusanI am wildly in love with this product! In love. I’ve been on the late shift at work this week, which gives me some extra time in the mornings to do my make up, and I decided I’d do some highlighting. It looks awesome! The two days I was using it I got so many compliments. I’ll be honest, I had to look up how to apply it, but now I know I’m hoping to use it to it’s full extent. It’s a lot easier to use than powder, which I’ve tried to use for highlighting before, rather unsuccessfully. And it’s also a bit shimmery! So it’s all for the festive season and special occasions! LOVE IT!

PHILOSOPHY – Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser (£18.00)


I tried this on minimal make up, my ‘working on a Saturday and can’t be fucked’ make up. You know what I’m talking about. And I hate to say that I really wasn’t that impressed or excited by it. I tried on one side of my face applying it to some cotton wall and it probably worked a bit, but I felt I had to exert some unnecessary pressure. On the other side of my face I slapped it onto my skin and then wiped it away, and whilst this was a more effective method of removal, I still didn’t feel entirely cleansed. It smells lovely, as a plus, but my skin felt kind of sticky afterwards. It could of course be that I’m not using it right, so don’t take my word for it, but meh.

ETRE BELLE – Caviar Eye Roll On (£30.66)

etreI was staggered by the price of this product, if only because it’s clear and you can’t really see it once it’s on. The idea of this is to relax your swollen eyes, and to refresh them, and yeah, I did feel refreshed around the eye area. Perhaps if I’d have been out drinking and needed to look human I would have seen the full effects of it, but I’m going to keep using it, and I’ll come back and let you know. Most likely Wednesday morning. Because Christmas party. BUT I will say it does have a nice cooling effect, and it’s kind of tingly, and I always take that as a good sign. Nearly always.


ESSIE – Liquid Lipstick (£2.50)


You know, when I first put this on I was poised to write some kind of scathing review of how it made me feel like a five year old drawing on my face with my mum’s make up. HOWEVER! Though it took two coats to get it to resemble anything remotely like a grown arse woman wearing lipstick, once it was on I actually adored it. It’s so shiny, it’s got a little hint of a sparkle in it, and I wore it for a good fifteen minutes and the sparkle and shine didn’t go away! It’s like lipgloss and lipstick all in one! I’m really quite fond of it, now, and for £2.50 it’s worth having to faff around a bit more with lipcote and a lip liner to keep it in place. Bravo, Essie! You sly devils, you.





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