YouBeauty Advent Calendar – Week One

So I decided this year to spoil myself with a beauty box advent calendar. There are a lot around, though some are just twelve days of Christmas, and I wanted the full shabam. I settled on the YouBeauty one firstly because of the variety and secondly because it went down in price. Judge me!





Day One – NUXE – Masque Crème Fraîche de Beauté

3Now, I don’t know if it’s just because I don’t have an excess of creases in my face that this didn’t work out too well for me. I was on earlies, so I thought it was the ideal time to see if I could make myself look less dead. I left it on for the ten minutes, as instructed in rather broken English, but and then attempted to rub in the excess, but it seemed to flake away in an unpleasant way. It’s mostly for if you have poor skin, itchy or dry skin, so that might be why I haven’t really seen any kind of improvement or felt as though it were doing anything. Hm.


Day Two – MOLTON BROWN – Liquid Hand Wash


This is from Molton Brown’s ‘Festive Fragrance’ range. Frankincense and Allspice. It’s strong. A moste potente smelle, honestly. But it’s a good quality handwash and it doesn’t take a lot to make you feel as though you’re super clean, at least in the hand department. I’ve snuck it into the bathroom to see if it won any favour, but so far no good. I think it’s the Moste Potente Smelle that is the problem, because it’s not going down well. I think maybe just one of the scents would have been fine. Still, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s good at the cleaning of hands thing, and that’s what you want it for, innit?


Day Three – COWSHED – Cow Pat Hand Cream


I reviewed this already when it came in one of my beauty boxes. So now I have two of them, but that’s absolutely fine because it’s really nice. It’s a nice scent, though like above it is in the Moste Potente Smelle category. But along with that it does do it’s job, it’s very good at moisturising, it makes my hands feel lovely and happy, and the scent lingers in a nice way. A good way.





Day Four – SALLY HANSEN – Complete Salon Manicure6

I love nail varnish. I love getting nail varnish. And I’ve always heard incredibly good things about Sally Hansen, though I’ve never used her myself. Now, with nail varnish you get what you pay for, that’s really all there is to it. It’s a good quality nail varnish, it goes on smoothly and dries quickly so you don’t have to walk around waving your hands all over the place hoping you don’t accidentally touch things. Not only that, but one coat looks awesome enough! The more layers you put on the better it looks! It’s shiny, too, doesn’t dull as it dries, and if you click on the link to the product you can see that it’s a seven-in-one. Awesome sauce!



Day Five – HD BROWS – High Definition Bronzer7

Again I have literally always wanted to try something by HD brows and I was ridiculously excited when I opened my little advent door and saw one of their products there! And it’s a bronzer! I know it’s winter, but you should never underestimate the power of a bronzer to make you look like you haven’t turned into a zombie over the winter. This bronzer is nice and light, so you aren’t going to look sunkissed, but it’s going to help you with the subtle definition and give you a natural look if you’re going for contouring, or you can slap it all over and give yourself a healthy glow. And when everyone else around you is lagging and feeling gross you’ll look fly! Either that or fake it til you make it, love. That’s my jam most mornings.

Day Six – ILA – Bath Salts For Cleansing


Um. Okay, so I like bath salts. I like anything that goes in my bath. I bathed in seaweed last week, but this is- I’m not really sure where to go with it. I appreciate it for what it is, it’s pink salt crystals and it’s beautiful to look at, but it’s very, very strong smelling. Like- wow. It would work as good smelling salts, actually. When I first opened it I took a deep breath in and I think my head started fizzing. I know this isn’t the greatest description of a product you’ve ever read, but it truly is beautiful and I don’t want to knock it. Full size these bath salts will set you back almost fifty quid, but they’re supposed to help with circulation, too, and if you’re into natural healing the company really promotes itself through that channel, using the combinations of ingredients to get your aura cleansed and keeping your soul healthy, which is lovely.

Day Seven – KORYAC – Facial Puff Sponge9

Okay, I thought this was a bath bomb when I first opened the door. Then I found out it was a sponge. Now, don’t knock sponges. Sponges are amazing. And this one is specifically for your face. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used it yet, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how it shapes up to my current facial skin care routine. The site says it helps remove blackheads and promotes a healthy circulation, so I can only imagine I’m going to look gorgeous once I’ve finished with it. I’ll come back and let you all know how I get on on that when I’ve done it.


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