Glossybox – November 2015

I’m a little bit late up with this, sorry all! It’s been a busy month.

So, this month’s Glossybox is called Lipstick to Lashes, and I’m pretty bloody stoked by it!

REVLON – Super Lustrous Lipstick (£7.99)

revlonI was really excited by my Revlon lipstick. Mostly because it’s bright red. I mean, not subtle and sexy red, BRIGHT sexy red. I know Revlon is pretty awesome as a brand, too, so whilst I normally wouldn’t be one to jump at a bright sexy red lipstick, I will wear this one. Possibly for Christmas. Booyah! I actually have an awesome dress I can wear it with, but I’m digressing rather rapidly. I think one of the best things about Revlon’s lipstick is that they don’t dry your lips out. Other brands I’ve tried end up chapping my lips and then clumping slightly around there, but because it’s moisturised too, there’s far less chance of looking all ravished before you get ravished for real.

MUA – Eyeshadow Palette (£4)

I’ve seen a lot of MUA products around and they are sensationally cheap. muaOther eyeshadow samples usually come with three or four of the shades, but this is a full palette. And it’s four pounds. FOUR ENGLISH POUNDS.

It isn’t even as though they’re wild colours you’re never going to be use. They’re all neutral, autumnal colours, and I have very very similar shades in my Naked palettes for six times the price. As a snob, I wouldn’t normally buy a palette that’s this cheap (my bad) but I’m going to use this. Multiple times. It’s a wonderful selection of colours

ROYAL APOTHIC – Body Lotion (£14.50)

creamI’ll be honest with you guys, I’ve got a lot of moisturisers, and I was wondering how on earth I was going to come up with a lot to say about this one. However, it feels wonderful, it smells wonderful, it’s beautiful to look at. What more could you want from a body lotion? It goes on without any evidence, no shiny or oily leftover, and your skin feels happy and hydrated immediately. The scent is there, but it isn’t overpowering. If you’re outside a lot and your skin is feeling a bit hard done by, this would be perfect for instant relief! I’m pretty impressed with it, having only used it a little bit. My skin is ridonculously soft. I’m not bragging, it’s all down to this.

EMITE – Emite Diamond Heart Primer (£25.90)


I’m always on the look out for a good primer. Always. I’ve been using this one for the last two weeks in the mornings before work and I love it. It’s smooth, it goes on really nicely, it makes my skin look really good once I’ve got my makeup on. It evens out my complexion, and because it’s a peachy colour it adds that kind of warmth. It’s very light, too. Like putting on a moisturiser before putting on makeup. It’s especially nice on my nose, as I always have problems making makeup sit nicely there, but it smooths the area without being too obvious about it!


EYLURE – Natural Lashes (£5)

eyelureI’m so, so excited to have these lashes! I don’t wear fake lashes a lot, but when I do I like them to be awesome, and I’ve heard so much good stuff about Eylure! I know they’re only a fiver, but because I don’t wear them a lot it’s not an investment I’d normally make. Anyway! They’re very delicate and subtle, which is why I guess they’re called Natural Lashes (duh) but they do give a very full look. The way they’re put together means they look perfect against your own lashes. Additionally, they’re reusable. Booyah! Another very little thing that might not seem like a massive deal but which pleases me is that the lashes are the same all the way round, the same pattern, so that if you need to cut them to make them fit the curve of your eye you can cut anywhere and you won’t mess up the sequence of the lashes. Brilliant!


This month’s box also came with two coupons for Graze boxes, Graze protein and Graze light. I’ve never had a Graze box before, so I’m going to be giving it a sample, I think.

Thank you, Glossybox! I’m going to look sexy awesome this Christmas!


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