Glossybox – September 2015

This month’s Glossybox is called The Style Edition. And it is quite fancy. Well, everything feels nicely colour coordinated, and I’m happy about that.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m going to be getting the pictures of the products off of their websites.

BELLAPIERRE – Shimmer Powder (£12.99)

bp1Wow this is shimmery! It’s beautiful, and it’s one of those powders that you really don’t need a lot of. A little goes a very long way. I wore it out to a gig, and though I was admittedly using an eyeshadow primer beneath it, it lasted the entire night. It was really easy to blend in with other colours, too, and it didn’t clump. It’s such a fine, fine powder that when I was tapping it to get some onto the brush it was just rising up into a little cloud and vanishing, but despite that it didn’t end up all over my face! Awesome. It’s a very neutral colour, too.
MARSK – Eyeshadow Brush Pro (£13.49)marsk1

I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t blown away by this brush. I mean, I don’t know how you can be blown away by a brush, if I’m completely honest, but it didn’t do anything particularly spectacular. I have make up brushes, I have eyeshadow brushes, and meh. I used it to apply the shimmer powder, and don’t get me wrong, it worked and everything, but I have other brushes that work maybe a bit better. It’s just nothing to shout about, is all. Sorry, Marsk!

MARIA NILA – Luminous Colour Hair Masque (£18.95)

<masque1I don’t need to keep telling you guys about my hair dramas, but since I’ve been slapping on all of my free stuff every month my hair is just awesome. It’s a lot happier than it used to be! I used this two days ago for aforementioned gig and my hair is still so soft! It brushed through so easily after I’d washed it, no tangles, no knots, no snagging, and it smells glorious. The masque itself smells glorious and then on top of that it keeps smelling good in your hair for ages afterwards. I’m growing out the colour in my hair, so I can’t comment on it’s ability at colour protection, but I’d trust it. Even if it didn’t keep you looking luminous your hair will be in brilliant condition, which is always a risk if you colour it, so bonus points all round, I say!

INVISIBOBBLE – Traceless Hair Ring (£4) bobble1

What the fuck is this? Initially I was excited by them, because normally I tie my hair up and by the end of the day strands are broken, my hair ties end up a mess of strands, and I know it’s not good. I had high and possibly fantastical expectations of these hair ties. Invisible is far from true, unless I’m really doing it wrong. But their intention is to not cause any damage or breakage or leave kinks, and I suppose all of this is true, but they look ridiculous when you’re wearing them. So are you supposed to put them in and then put another hair tie over the top? I don’t understand. Someone help me out here?

NAILS INC – Nail Polish (£11)

nails1I got the pink version, though it also comes in khaki, and I was a little bit jealous of those with the khaki one, but the pink is actually a really nice shade. It’s a very nice, thick polish as soon as it comes out on the brush, so you don’t really need to use two coats, but go ahead! It’ll make it sexier, after all. And it dries amazingly quickly. I’ll be honest again, I looked at the bottle and I didn’t think it was going to be that good, not £11 good, but I’ll take that back! I really like it, it’s a nice shade, it’s a good finish, I don’t own any nice pink colours!
I’m totally in love with a majority of this box. it also came with an access code to a members only clothing site, so that’s brilliant, too! I haven’t had a look at it properly yet, but I’m stoked! Thanks, Glossybox!


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