Birchbox – September 2015

It turns out that Birchbox have their birthday the same month as me! So Happy Birchday, Birchbox!

On account of this, this months box comes with loads of different things all born in America! Which is kind of exciting for me, because I don’t really know where anything comes from, so look at me learning!

ANYWAY, onwards!


LAURA MERCIER – Facial Polish (£26) mercier

Initially, I wasn’t that impressed with this. I’ve used a lot of facial scrubs, I have a good exfoliating regime already, so I was expecting a bit from this, and I didn’t think it really supplied. It’s not as rough going on as some facial exfoliants are, which makes it nice to use, but initially I didn’t think it had made much of a big difference. A while later though, I happened to stroke my own face (weird habits, don’t judge) and it felt really soft! Ultimately, though, I don’t think it’s £26 of awesome. I’ve used cheaper with more or less the same effect.



JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS – Citrus Neroli Detangler (£16)

johnThis product is basically a conditioner. And it’s very nice. It comes with the option to rinse out or leave in, and I left it in since I’m in the habit of not doing anything at all to my hair after I wash it, so that was the ultimate test. Will we be detangled come the morning? We were! My hair brushed out really well! I used the Birchbrush (see below) so I don’t know if the two combined worked out, but I’m actually putting a lot of stock in this detangler. I really like it. I might wash it out next time, though. I’m not a big fan of leaving things in my hair.




BEAUTY PROTECTOR – Beauty Wash (£8) beauty

Wow this product smells good. Like, really good. I really, really love the smell. Which makes it a delight to wash with, regardless of whatever else it does. But actually, it’s a good soap, too. It lathers up really well, and it’s one of those washes that makes you feel clean when you’ve used it. Like, you know you’re clean. And soft. It’s really nice. And super cheap for all it’s plus points. So I am fan!





LAQA & CO – Cheeky Lip Pencil in Cray-Cray (£17)

lauraI really don’t like this. Look, it’s not often I get something and I really, really don’t like it, but this is one of those odd occasions when I’m kind of disappointed. It’s not just the colour, which is the complete opposite of the usual lip colours I wear, but that’s neither here nor there. The application is just not good. It’s uneven for one, and though the instructions advise to blend with fingers, that really make it worse. It’s a splotchy coverage and it fades far too quickly. Maybe it’s just me, maybe there are more pro lipstick wearers out there who will do a better job with it and I’m sure it will look fabulous, but right now my face looks like a hot mess.





BENEFIT – the POREfessional (£15.50) benefit

I don’t have very greasy skin, so I have no idea if this is an amazing product or not. BUT it is by Benefit, and they are awesome, so I’m going to rate it, anyway! I faffed around with it a bit, trying to see if I could see any difference on my skin. It’s really nice. It feels nice as it goes on. It gives a matte look, like a primer, and it doesn’t leave any residue left over, because it’s not an oily stick, so you can put makeup on right away. Super! Highly recommended!



THE BIRCHBRUSH – Birchbox (£5.99)

brushOh, hand compact brush, you are always so useful. The booklet claims it’s good for knots and tangles and smoothing your hair, and it’s worked very well for me. I used it this morning and have done so periodically throughout the day since it’s sitting right beside me, and it feels good, guys. No lie. I kind of feel like a mermaid when I’m using it.


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