Glossybox – July 2015

Bonjour! July’s Glossybox theme was all things French! And I was absolutely stoked with this one! I’m in love with pretty much the entire box. What with my My Little Box subscription too, I’m really all about the French things at the moment!

So what delights did we get this month?

  1. Noxidoxi – Enhancing Serum Base (£33.46)

FullSizeRender (2)Holy smokes. Let me be honest with you, I didn’t look at the full sized price before I started using this. I’ve been putting it on in the mornings, sometimes using it as a primer in a way. It smells incredible, and you know I’m into the way things smell before I slap them on my face. But it’s also really, really good at what it claims to do. My skin is ridiculously clear, I haven’t had a spot since I started using it, and I’ve only been using it once a day because they gave me a night cream, too, so y’know… But I love it! I love it so much. And when I saw the price I realised why it was so good. That’s some serious money on a day serum. And whilst I’m usually a great sceptic about how much high end brands charge, having seen the results I’ll eat my words this once.


2. Lollipops – Lip balm délicieuse (£4.15)

FullSizeRender (5)

Well, this tastes delicious, which is not always a good thing for a lip balm, because I know I’m not alone in licking it off of my lips constantly if it tastes nice. Which negates the point of it. So, with some restraint, I’ve left it on my lips for as long as possible. And it does make them feel very soft, but it’s also a little bit sticky. It does what a normal, nice tasting lip balm would do, but nothing more. It does have vitamin E and UV protection in it, which are awesome additions to lip care, especially in the summer, but it doesn’t have anything wildly unique about it. Also, my tube seemed practically empty. I think there’s maybe about a sixth of a tube there, which is really annoying because I’d have tried this all the way to the end, and the end will be coming a lot sooner than I’d have liked. Alas.


3. Teoxane Cosmeceuticals – Perfect Skin Refiner (£70)

FullSizeRender (1)Again, I didn’t look at the price before I started using this, but then I also didn’t read the instructions very well. You’re supposed to use it every other night, but I was using it each night. Well. Anyway, it’s quite awesome! It has a freshness which is really nice before bed, and it smells really good. It says to avoid contact with the eye and lip areas, which are my most crinkly areas, so that’s a shame, but my skin is awesome. I’m not bragging, this in combination with the noxidoxi has been so so good, but that’s over £100 of skin care. Huh. But I think you’d only need one, and the potency of this suggests that it might be the one.




4. Yves Rocher – Comme une Evidence eau de parfum (£24.50)

FullSizeRender (6)

This perfume is nice, but it’s very floral. There’s an undertone of musk from the bergamont, but the flowers really, really shine through on this. I’m not really into it, but I don’t like floral smells. My mum thought it was nice, and she’s kind of cool (she’s still in her 40s, so it’s not old lady tastes), and it is subtle, I’ll give it that. It smells quite like a Chanel perfume she had once. I guess there are only so many smells in the world. I’m not knocking it, it’s nice, it’s a nice smell, and I like my sample, and I’ll probably splash it on a few times. It compliments the rest of the products really well. The more I sit and write about it the more I like it, actually. Possibly because it’s all over my hand and I can smell it as I type. Oh hell, it’s sophisticated, I’ll wear it on a nice night out, it’s certainly a good perfume for the price!


5. Glossybox travel pouch – (£3.99)

Well, this is just gorgeous! I really like it, especially because it’s also clear, so you can use it on planes. Keep all your girly bits in it and take them through security safely! But it’s also cute. I have a lot of these little bags now, and they’re super handy. You can never have enough, especially if they’re waterproof.



I think my product of the month was the noxidoxi. I gave it some consideration, and I will rate it just above the teoxane cosmeceuticals. Just. But for skin, this month has been very good. I’m very soft.

Thank you, Glossybox!!


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