Birchbox – July 2015

This month’s Birchbox is called ‘Make A Splash’ and it comes in four different colours! Mine was the Hydra, a green coloured bag put together by Fiona Joseph.



The pouch itself is also very useful. It’s plastic and zippy so it’s waterproof. And it’s a cool colour.

Items number one&two- this is the one I have to be really vague about because I got the wrong booklet forIMG_7213 my bag. So, basically, what I have here is a headband. And it’s nice, but I’m not going to be winning any fashion awards with it. I think maybe it’s for pretty girls with skinny heads, which I am not. So I don’t have the link to this. And I’m kind of bummed out, too, because in the booklet I could have gotten either a Cow Pat Hand Cream or a sponge. Instead I got a head band and another Parlour spray, and I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that. Boo!

3. Balance Me – Congested Skin Serum (£16)

IMG_7218 Well, this smells like everything that’s going to make your skin stop being a mess. I’ve been using it on a rather problematic spot for the last few days, and whilst I don’t know if I can guarantee that it’s working, it gives the sensation that it is. Is that a good thing? I’m going to say that  yeah, it’s absolutely dealing with the redness.

4. UNANI – Aloe Vera Gel (£15)

Oh my goodness, this smells so so good. And it goes on really nicely. It’s not like the other aloe I used IMG_7215before, it’s more complex than that. I’ve been putting it on a burn I have on my hand, and it’s really hydrating, as well as the usual soothing feeling you’d expect for something full of aloe vera. I put it on an insect bite, too, and I found it helped really well.

I’ll go right ahead and recommend this to anyone with any little skin issue, be it burns, bites, or dry patches. I think I’d go straight out and buy a full sized version.

5. POP Beauty – Eyeshadow Trio (£15.50)

IMG_7214I’ll be honest with you, I thought the £15.50 price tag on this was really steep for three little disks of colour that come a lot cheaper in a lot of other brands, and, having never heard of POP beauty to rate the quality, I was a bit dubious and willing to write this off. HOWEVER, the full £15.50 palette comes with ten colours throughout the brown spectrum. They’re nice colours, they’re good if you have dark colouring, but as a sample I’m not wild about it. And I have better. I don’t want to be a douche, but you know, it’s a brown palette.

6. Benefit Cosmetics – Dream Screen (£25)

I’ve always wanted to try things by Benefit, but they’re rather expensive. So I’m stoked with my little IMG_7217sample. And this is delicious. Like, so delicious. Again I would absolutely swoop out and buy myself a full sized product, despite being so poor. It feels like a primer when it goes on, and the way my skin feels after, but it’s also going to protect you from any sun damage. And you know how badly the sun messes with your skin! It’s a really, really nice product.

I wasn’t wild about this months package, I’ll be honest with you. The Benefit Dream Screen and Unani are both brilliant, but the rest of it was quite a disappointment,which is sad.


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