My Little Box – May&June 2015

As you guys know, I’ve been getting a subscription to Glossybox and Birchbox for the last few months. What I didn’t include was that I’ve been getting boxes from a French company called ‘My Little Box’ as well. Their exclusion was simply because I didn’t think I’d be keeping the subscription, but every month they’ve been impressing me with the things they send, so I’ve ended up keeping them!

Here’s a brief rundown of the two boxes I received in May and June!


The boxes come with a different little Frenchy theme every month. These are my first two. Look how fucking adorable those boxes are!


This is the Provence box. It came with lots of little L’Occitane things. And I kind of was sold on this one, I’ll be honest. It’s adorable. It contained:

The Amazing Pencil (£9) – and you know I love eyeshadow pencils! It comes from the My Little Beauty range. Each box contains at least one of their own products, and they’ve all been wonderful.

Magnetic Provence (£6) – A magnet sheet dress up doll! Yay!

The Sunny Cuff (£15) – Adorable! Embroider your own fancy cuff? How sexy can you get?

Mer & Mistral Shower Gel (£12 – L’Occitane) – Smells so goooood! And a little goes a long way.

Roses et Reines Hand and Nail Cream (£14 – L’Occitane) – Smells like roses! And the scent lasts a really long time.

Verbena Body Lotion (£20 – L’Occitane) – Can I just keep cooing over how amazing this smell is? The body lotion is really nice, the smell lingers a really long time, too.

Verbena Leaf Soap (£4.50 – L’Occitane) – NNGH!


And this is the French Riviera box!

Sea Salt Fresh Scrub (£8.50) – One of My Little Beauty’s products. I’m going to buy this so many more times, forever. It’s so, so nice. It’s got actual salt in it, so you get that ‘I’ve just been in the sea’ feel to you. And it smells so good! And it really makes your skin soft. I’m in love with this.

Sunglasses by Sarah Lavoine (£18) – Um, how cool do I look in these? So cool, is the answer you’re looking for. I look so cool. The lenses are effective for sun blocking, and I’m actually really stoked by getting some really sexy glasses!

Planters Duo (£6.50) – These are little folded.. they’re like pots, made of plastic, that fold up. You can use them for plants, as the name suggests, or for other things; pens, brushes, chocolate. They’re so fucking cool! I love them so much! I don’t think I should get a plant though.

Nail Polish by Sarah Lavoine (£6.50) – Gorgeous gorgeous colour. The whole colour scheme for this box is just fantastic. I’m all about this! I’m a sucker for nail polish, so I’m stoked to get a colour I’m actually going to use. Dries quickly, covers amazingly!

Kerastase Blow Dry Care (£19.50) – They weren’t lying about the super soft conditioning of this! It’s amazing. My hair has been so soft when I’ve been using this, it smells good, and I totally believe it’s helping my hair not be the usual haystack mess that it formerly was.

I’m keeping my My Little Box subscription. GET ONE OF YOUR OWN!


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