I love clothes. Like, a ridiculous amount. I’ve had to curb my expenditure recently, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do a bit of online window shopping!

I’m a bigger girl, I think I’ve said this before, but it’s fortunate these days that there are some really, really nice things in plus sized ranges. Boohoo have an AMAZING plus size range, and they’re really cheap and cheerful. Forever 21 have gorgeous plus sized stuff, though it’s usually a little more expensive. ASOS have an incredible range, slightly on the pricey side, but so many things!

I’ve browsed through the plus sized sale sections of each of those sites to find some fancy things for the end of summer. Here are my finds for this month!


 ONE – £20 £10!

This is a pretty goddamn cute kimono. It comes in two colours, mint and blue, and both colours are in for sizes 16-24. I’m all about kimono’s right now, and the pattern and colours mean that it’ll go nicely over the top of any plain coloured dresses. Also, if you don’t like your upper arms, this is perfect. It’s loose, so you’ll keep cool whilst covering up!

TWO £18 £6!!!

I’m wildly in love with this dress! Wildly! As soon as some money comes my way I’m buying two! Because, you know, they come in two colours, and I have to have both, right? It’s a good base dress to dress up or dress down, so you can wander around all happy and pretty in the day time and then jazz it up for the night. It’s a nice, loose material, too. Boohoo’s fabric is genuinely excellent, so I’d guarantee it’s a really comfy dress. SO CUTE!

 THREE £20 £8

Well, I think this is just sexy. I couldn’t pull it off, I’ll be honest with you, but it is sexy and I like it. It’s listed as a sleeveless denim shirt, but I’m pretty sure you could wear it as a waistcoat type thing over a vest, if you don’t want to do it up.

FOUR £18 £10

SPOTS! I do love spots, spots are very cool. Also, you know, if you’re on the slightly curvier side spots look good! Stripes are always a bit dangerous, but spots love you! This dress is adorable. It seems to come up kind of short, so shorts or leggings underneath! And the material combo makes me think it might be a bit clingy in places, specifically in the boob area, so be aware of that! But if you have awesome boobs, rock on!

FIVE £22 £10

This is just such a pretty dress. I’d put a question mark on the quality of it, on the way the lace is fastened on, but hey, it’s really cute. From the looks of it, it’s their basic tshirt material, which is so incredibly soft and very nice and breezy, so it’s for casual wear! If you just want something a bit fancy, go for it! It won’t hug in all of the wrong places!


ff211 ONE

This dress was so awesome it sold out in the time it took me to put this together. Alas. I’ll make it up to you all next month!




f212 TWO £19.75 £7.99

Well this is a damn nice jumper. I realise it’s still kind of summer, but if you’re going out in the evening you’re going to need a nice jumper to keep you warm when it cools down. I looove the colour combination, it’s not one you see a lot, and the width of the stripes is good for us curvy girls!




f214 THREE £22 £14.99

I love this dress! It’s so pretty, the fabric is super pretty, and the band beneath the bust is really, really nice for fit. It comes in two colours and both of them are pretty gorgeous. I’m a big fan of grey, but the alternate red colour is lovely! I want both. So much!






asos1 ONE – £19.99

This isn’t in any kind of sale, ASOS sales are a bit hit and miss, but again it’s a kimono and kimonos are awesome! I want a whole mass of them to call my own. Again, with the pattern and the colours it’s good for plain dresses or shirt combinations, and it’s something you can take out to keep you warm in a fancy way on those chilly summer evenings!






asos2 TWO – £14.99

SPOTS! I love spots. And they’re big spots. Look, I’m not going to lie, I only put this in because spots are the best and it’s a really nice shirt, okay? ASOS clothes are really soft, too, they’re really nice.






asos3 THREE – £12.99

I’m a complete sucker for anything with slits in. I really appreciate that the split on this vest doesn’t go up too high, either. It’s a decent length. It’s just jazzy. You can’t go wrong with a vest at all, let’s be real, so adding a fancy slit in there is win, as far as I’m concerned. This would look good with one of those kimonos, too! Just saying!





It’s never too late to get your sexy on.

asb1 ONE – £14.99

I went for the cheapest swimwear on ASOS curve, and this is what we get! It’s a gorgeous colour, the top is going to give you a good lot of support and the bottoms cover up any tummy issues you might have. I suppose it’s almost like a tankini, but not quite. It’s still really cute. If I saw a girl in this I’d totally offer to buy her a cocktail.





 TWO £25 £10

I don’t know where Boohoo thinks we’re going swimming, but this is a pretty awesome bikini. It’s probably a bit better for a casual pool party, if you’re fortunate enough to have one of those in your life, because the straps on this thing are wild and not really what I’d take on holiday because the tan lines are going to be crazy. But it is lovely! And so bright. I’m 100% sure this would make you feel sexy and confident wherever you choose to wear it!


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