Birchbox – June 2015

This month’s Birchbox was in collaboration with French Sole, and the theme was SUMMER! I was so, so impressed with this box. Here’s what I got:

English Laundry – No. 7 for her

laundryI like this scent a heck of a lot more than I thought I would. it’s deep and rather grown up, fruity and also musky, which might not sound sexy but it really isn’t too bad at all! The scent seems to be on par with the price you’d pay for a full bottle (£60), if that makes sense? It has a rather sophisticated feel to it, so it’s not something I’d casually spritz on before I went out for cat food.

I think if you’re someone that’s very much into high quality perfume you should certainly look into this. It’s certainly a perfume for the more sophisticated.

Yes To – Cucumber Facial Wipes

I LOVE THESE! I love them so so much. If anyone read my Glossybox review you’ll already have heard yestothat I like facial wipes, and I want to rave about these! They smell incredible and they’re the perfect amount of damp that makes me feel really clean. They’re also really good at removing things. Really effective, even getting off the vast amount of eye makeup I usually wear. They came in a handy little pack so I could take them around when I was venturing out, and I would absolutely buy them again! There’s nothing to not like about them, except that there weren’t more in the pack.

The booklet says they contain Aloe Vera and Green Tea, which makes them so refreshing, and I can’t help but say I’d recommend these to everyone! I miss them, I need to buy more!

Balance Me – Super Moisturising Body Wash

balanceI didn’t really like this. Not at all. It has a very strong scent, so I think perhaps that’s a personal preference, and maybe other people really love it, but it’s not for me. There’s something anticepticy about the smell. However! It really does make your skin feel really clean and soft. I can’t dispute that.

The booklet says that a little goes a long way, and they’re right about that. If you can put up with the strong smell (mostly patchouli) then this is really effective in softening and hydrating your skin. I’d recommend it to anyone who maybe doesn’t have time for a very lengthy moisturising ritual, because the results are evident for a good while after use.

Beauty Protector – Protect and Oil

It’s an oil and it’s so strange. It seems strange to clean your hair and then put oil in it, but apparently this is oila thing to do. I haven’t used it enough to know how much it’s benefitting me, but my hair can always do with a little bit more help. It’s not awfully oily, either, and it smells good. I’m a sucker for things that make my hair smell good. And the box came with two little bottles of it, so being as you only need to use ‘a few drops’ at a time, it could last me a good long while.

The oil is supposed to protect against UV rays and heat damage, so if you’re going on holiday, these would probably be awesome! The full product comes in at £16, and I think it comes out to that kind of quality. I’d recommend these to anyone who spends a lot of time outside and doesn’t have a lot of time to worry about their hair care.

Mirenesse – iCurl Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara

mirenesseI really like this mascara! Really really. It creates very subtle lashes, and I like that. The wand is glorious! It fits the lashes very nicely and goes on both upper and lower flawlessly without having to worry about drawing all over your face. Or is that just me? I love it. I’d absolutely buy the full product, even though it kerchings in at £24.

Usually I like to go for spider lashes, but that’s possibly a preference because of the nature of my mascara. This is such a light one that you can really just make your eyelashes pop on their own without them clumping together, or without getting that gunky bit on the corner of your eye when you try and do upper and lower lashes.


StyLondon – Temporary Metallic Tattoos

I’m in love with these tattoos. Again, if you saw my Glossybox post you’ll see that I got some with them, styltoo. I’m absolutely in love, and this brand aren’t Birchbox specific, so they’re slightly prettier. Again they’re easy to apply and they last for ages! I’m so impressed. They can also be used on nails, and I’m 100% going to try that at one point.

I love the variety in this pack, and I’m going to rate it a little higher than the ones I got with my Glossybox. The website also has an amazing selection of designs in all shapes and sizes.

This box also came with a shoe bag from French Sole. Seven items in total! I’m really impressed with the quality and the range this month. Thanks, Birchbox!


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