Glossybox – June 2015

So June’s Glossybox theme was FESTIVALS! And I loved the contents of this box. Again I was absolutely stoked by the contents.

MONU SPA – rosewood reviving mist

Well, this is nice. It’s nice. It’s very refreshing, as it promises to be, though the combination of scents is a

monuspalittle bit overpowering. That might be a personal thing, but there are a lot of strong smelling ingredients, and I don’t find them all very pleasant, but that’s not to say that they don’t actually work. I’m can’t really say much about it’s use at make-up setting, I did test this theory but I noticed very little difference in the way my make up usually reacts.

I’d recommend this to people who like a nice, refreshing smell around them on hot days, I think this will really help, but if you’re looking for something that genuinely, physically cools you down this is not what you need.

FLASH TATTOOS by Glossybox

flashInitially I thought these were a bit cheap, I thought they’d be reminiscent of the awful transfer tattoos I used back in my childhood. But they’re actually amazing. And they’re so beautiful! The designs are very simple, but because they’re so shiny you don’t need anything too complex with them. I was also concerned with how long they’d last, and thought that the removal hints were a little bit excessive, but they really don’t want to come off. I could bathe in them, cover them, I wore one for a week and it was only a tiny bit peely. That’s really good quality!

I’d recommend these to everyone! Anyone who wants a bit of hippy glam, or something a bit different to set off an outfit.

HALO fragrance free facial wipes

I really like facial wipes. I use them every day, so I’m always really glad to get new samples of ones, since haloI normally just buy whatever is on offer. So these were really nice and refreshing, and I like that they came in a small little pack that was easy to carry around (I’ve used them all, that’s how much I approve). They’re not as wet (I can’t think of a better word to use for them- damp?) as I would have liked, perhaps, but they’re still effective. Maybe I asked too much of them as my daily make up removing gear, but they put up a good fight.

I’d recommend them to anyone who uses  facial wipes on a daily basis, though possibly just to freshen up rather than hardcore cleansing. They’re very fresh. They may well be fragrance free, but there’s a clean smell to them, you know? Many thumbs up!

KUESHI anticellulite booster

kueshiWell, my mum and I are trying this one out, and I have to be honest, I don’t put much stead in it’s anti-cellulite skills, especially as it’s a cream, but I’m not here to criticise anyone without giving it a go. Obviously it’s the kind of thing that is an ‘over time’ sort of delio, so I’m going to keep trying and if I remember I’ll come back and let you know how it works.

Obviously if you’re into trying things out and you have some cellulite you want to have a go at then by all means get some and we can compare notes!

ESSENCE gel nail polish

Now, red nail varnish isn’t really my thing, it’s not a colour I wear ever, and I was wondering where exactly IesseI could wear it. In the end I just slapped it on, and it’s amazing! Holy moly. The polish itself is really good quality. It dries really quickly and the brush is really effective, giving smooth, even coverage. Two coats are the standard and I’d say yes to that.

I’d recommend the brand 100% and I will be looking into them to getting me some different colours. Quick drying, nice application, who doesn’t want that? Really awesome.

The Essence nail polish was my product of the month, despite the colour. I’m already looking around the Essence website for more colours. Win!


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