May Beauty Boxes

I have a lot of self esteem problems. I’m very self critical. And I’m very wary of trying new kinds of makeup and beauty products because my brain puts me in this  catch 22 situation where I don’t think I’m pretty enough to buy things that will make me pretty. So I’m stuck in a rut of self deprecation and I don’t want to ask someone how to make myself prettier in case they just laugh in my face.

I think I’m probably a bit behind everyone else when it comes to discovering beauty boxes. They come by post, they send you nifty little makeup and beauty samples every month so you can try them in the privacy of your own home and learn to explore the ways you can make you feel good about you.

If any guys read this, I’m sorry this is one for the ladies. Though they do do men boxes. Here’s a link to a whole load of subscription boxes. Peruse at your leisure!

I don’t want to sound like a wannabe ‘beauty blogger’ because there really are more important things in life, but I thought I might as well document the nifty little things I find in case anyone is interested, and in case anyone wants any recommendations from an awkward, slightly overweight girl who doesn’t look like a model and who doesn’t have any money. Tadaa!

GLOSSYBOX, MAY 2015 (£10/m + p&p)

This was my first box, and I was absolutely blown away by the content. Not only is the packaging gorgeous but the products were more than I expected. Bravo, Glossybox!

eyepencilMEMEME Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand– I love eyeshadow pencils. You have no idea. They’re a recentish discovery for me and I’m usually quite stuck in a brand (Barry M) so it was awesome to have a different brand to try. The MEMEME pencil is double ended, my one has a light blue and a dark blue, both with a really gorgeous metallic sheen. Blue isn’t really my colour with eyeshadows, but I’m not complaining. I’d absolutely go and buy more from this range.

Recommended for anyone that likes bright colours, or likes to do fancy, intricate things with their eyes.


ETRE BELLE Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel – I got sunburn in Wales, which gave me the excellent opportunity to use my new aloe gel. And it was nice. There wasn’t that immediate soothing effect that I’ve had from some other aloe products, but I didn’t peel a lot at all, so it’s really hydrating. And it smells amazing, which is always a plus. However, it isn’t my top ‘so you’re sunburnt: now what?’ go to.

Recommended for people with sensitive skin, or those who need some good hydration after a lot of time in the sun.

toweloffZERREAU Towel Off Shampoo Foam – Now, I don’t know if I didn’t follow the instructions properly, because this product really didn’t live up to the excitement. My hair stayed kind of gross looking with the extra wet sheen from the foam, despite my rigorous towel drying. I’m not going to call bullshit on it entirely because it might just be me. And it smells really good. But I have dry shampoos that work a lot better.

As it’s available at a site called I’m going to say it’s recommended for people who are going somewhere where they can’t use water to wash their hair, or for people who don’t like dry shampoo and would prefer a wetter kind of shampoo, but not quite.


SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate– This is absolutely my most favourite product. I was genuinely so excited to get this. And I was stoked that it actually works, and I’m going to buy all of it always! I have PCOS so I have issues with hair growth, and where I run I get a lot of ingrown hairs on my calves where my leggings rub. Don’t ask why. But I can absolutely vouch for the fact that this is excellent for preventing ingrown hairs, and it’s certainly making a difference regarding hair re-growth. Plus, no more sensitive areas after shaving. I love it!

I’d recommend this to anyone with slightly needy skin post-hair removal, or has problems with ingrown hair or just annoying body hair in general.

scandaleyesRIMMEL LONDON Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara – I was genuinely excited to find a full size mascara in my box! It’s another kind of product I wish I had the confidence to branch out into more, and I know Rimmel is good good quality. Yeah, this is awesome. It immediately replaced my usual mascara. The wand is wild, it’s very good for top lashes, but the bottom lashes might need a slightly thinner one if you have one on hand.

Recommended to anyone who likes big, bold lashes. Not for the subtle make-up users!

Congratulations, Glossybox! Have my money!


My second box of the month is Birchbox, which is the tippy top rated beauty box. So after my very good experience with Glossybox I invested in this, too. And my first box was pretty cool!

The theme for the month was ‘Free Your Mind’ and the lid was one of those therapeutic colouring patterns. I’ve seen colouring books for adults that are like this, and seriously, it’s really calming. I’ve been having an unwind with it every day, doing some colouring and watching OITNB. Good times. I recommend investing in one of these books. Yes! Do it!


caudalieCAUDALIE Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser – I used this as a kind of primer for some light make up and it really is lovely, it smells great, and it gives a very soft, subtle coverage. Full size is listed at £27, and I don’t know if I could pay that for it, despite it’s pros, since I have some other tinted moisturisers that are cheaper and work just as well.

Recommended for anyone with normal skin who wants to have a moisturising boost before putting on their make-up! Especially if you have a bit of cash to spare.

nailpenWAH LONDON Nail Art Pen – I’ve always wanted to try a nail art pen, I don’t know why I’ve never purchased one before. So I was excited but to be honest I wasn’t really expecting much. HOWEVER I’m totally totally sold by this pen. It has a double application, one part with a fancy little brush, the other a pen. And wow, the pen! It works so much better than I could have imagined, it gave really good control, there was no blotching, the colour is strong, and I will absolutely be investigating the rest of the WAH line. I’m sold!

Recommended to anyone who likes to decorate their nails with a bit of imagination, or with very precise designs in mind.

parlorPARLOR  Moisturising Sea Salt Spray – I’m not 100% on how effective this product is at making me look sexily tousled, but it certainly gave me a good lot of texture. I’m not really a hair expect, my styling techniques leave a lot to be desired, but the smell is glorious and there is certainly texture, if not sexy tousling.

Recommended to anyone who likes to style their hair and knows how to do it well. Also, I think anyone with thinner hair that wants to give their locks a bit of texture.

whishWHISH Three Whishes Body Butter – I do like a good moisturiser, especially now that I’m spending a lot of time outside. And this is delicious. It smells softly nutty and the scent and the softness last all day. I tried it on my arms and legs and feet and all of me was very happy. There are obviously no shortages when it comes to moisturisers in the world, and at £14.50 this one is probably at the further end of my price bracket, but I think I would be willing to stretch to it.

I’d recommend this to everyone! It’s a moisturiser, it smells amazing, and it feels really, really nice!

pongpongJELLY PONG PONG Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo– Now, I’m going to admit right from the off that I’m no good at blusher and bronzer, I really need to up my skills where those are concerned. And the shades were a little too dark for me. But I followed the instructions provided and I have to admit they’re rather good! In a duo especially it’s a good pallet. If you can pick your shades and you know what you’re doing it’s really handy. I’m going to keep playing with it!

Recommended to anyone who likes to go all out with their makeup, anyone who has a good hand with bronzers and blushers, and for those who want to save a bit of space, because who doesn’t like compact cosmetics!

hairNUMBER 4 Lumiere d’Hiver Reconstructing Masque– This is a hair reconstructing masque. And my hair is in awful condition, so I was more than willing to try. I was a bit dubious because the sachet was tiny, and I’ve not got a lot of hair at the moment but I still thought it was a bit of a stretch, even though the instructions advised me to use sparingly.

I followed the instructions, and a folly on my dubious heart! My hair has never felt softer! I got everyone to touch it and admire it’s smoothness! The RRP is £36, which is a bit steep, but the full product is pretty big and considering that you don’t need a lot at all, I can’t help but think it’s worth every penny! Aside from the lid of the box itself, this was possibly my favourite product.

Until next month, Birchbox!


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    1. Do they send the same products in Canada as they do in the UK? I mean, do you get the UK one or do they have a Canadian distribution centre? I hope you love yours, too! I’m looking forward to seeing your review (and if you get different things) x


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