16 Scientific Reasons Why People Who Are Socially Anxious Are Usually Highly Intelligent

Thought Catalog


Many people know there’s a neurological correlation between being highly creative and mentally ill, but few seem to realize that the same is true between being socially anxious and highly intelligent. Everybody experiences a degree of social apprehension, and a high IQ is not the sole root of social anxiety as a classifiable clinical disorder, but it’s a huge factor, no matter where on the spectrum you fall. Here, 16 reasons why:

1. People with social anxiety exhibit high levels of sentinel intelligence, which is the ability to detect real threats that are invisible to other people. For example, in the study linked, participants were able to detect the smell of smoke far before others. This means that they are hyper-sensitive to perceived threats, and can feel uneasy or disturbed when they are mental or emotional in nature.

2. Socially anxious people are hyper self-aware. This is generally…

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