Reasons One Direction should released No Control as a single.

Yes, I realise I could have come back for my second post with one of the many things that have been gnawing at my thoughts recently, but dammit I’m going to talk about Project No Control (#ProjectNoControl). The eighth track from their fourth album ‘Four’, One Direction’s song ‘No Control’ is being pushed by fans to be released as the band’s next single and the summer anthem of 2015.

Aside from my simply being a One Direction fangirl, here are my top five reasons why you should go and download this song right now.



Louis co-wrote this song with Liam Payne, but more importantly than that his voice really shines through after successive albums of him taking a vocal backseat. He holds the chorus, and anyone who says he can’t sing after hearing this is just being extremely difficult and unnecessarily argumentative.

The beginning of this year has brought some tumultuous media coverage for Louis, from breaking up with his ‘girlfriend’ to sexploits all over the world right up to his very recent Twitter feud with Mr. Naughty Boy. But that is just media coverage, and we take that with a pinch of salt. My point right now is that Louis doesn’t ever get the credit he deserves for his musical skills and contribution to the band. He has few solos than the other members, his songwriting is barely ever acknowledged since their label seems to prefer to release singles that are not written by the boys.

But Louis Tomlinson is a force. Louis Tomlinson is quietly gearing up to take over the world and it’s just better that you stand up and take notice now before he reaches full power.



People still think of One Direction as the teens that skipped around on a beach singing about how beautiful a girl is and yeah, they’ve managed to keep appealing to a young teen fanbase, but a lot of their fans are also the same age or older than the lads and do you know what? Not all of their songs are so cute and innocent. Because early twenties don’t tend to be a cute and innocent time for a majority of people. And sure their PR team have been doing an excellent job of telling us they’re not kids anymore with all of the sex and drugs and all night partying scandals (in case the sarcasm wasn’t evident in the italics, this is just the worst fucking thing to do) but what would have been even more effective and would have given them positive publicity is a focus on the music. You know, because they’re a band. But what do I know, it’s only my money.

No Control is about sexcapades. Subtly. Kind of subtly? It’s about having a wild night, oral sex is involved at one point, and then waking up ready to go again. Or possibly coming a bit too soon. Hey, no control. It’s sexy, the lines are quietly dirty and not the kind of thing you want your young teen to be singing. It’s for the older fans, the ones who understand what’s going on and, seriously, you don’t have to be a genius to work out what they’re singing about without me telling you.

As well as that…



No Control is a genuinely awesome song. The tune is catchy, the chorus is bouncy, the lyrics are (both dirty and) memorable. It’s an excellent summer song. You could play it anywhere amongst people who don’t know who it’s by and they’ll enjoy it. I promise. Try it. I mean, then you’ll have to see their expressions when they find out they like a One Direction song, but you can’t have it all

So, No Control is a great song. It will sound amazing in the sunshine. And it’s not the usual type of song people have come to expect from One Direction (thanks, Management!) It’s not a song about a summer love holding hands on the beach, it’s hot afternoons drinking and making out and waking up with someone hot. Good times. Good memories. Who doesn’t love a summer like that?



Being a One Direction fan brings a surprising amount of shit with it. Especially being an older fan. I’m pretty sure most people would hit the start of a piece of writing like this and then skip it because One Direction. For some reason there’s a lot of stigma attached to it and we’re all judged as crazy stalkers and weird, obsessed teenagers. And that’s just the crap we deal with from regular people. On a day to day basis we have to put up with shitty management, shitty promo, shitty stunts that apparently benefit The Brand but are awful to sit through and mean we have to see the lads looking tired and miserable. Because actually we do give a shit about them. We give a lot of shits, and as older fans we can see the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes. As older fans we get dismissed and we take crap from all directions but we stick around and we do this. We do things like this project, which is just one of so many fan drives pushed by the love of a lot of pople who have other obligations, jobs, kids, exams, but who care a lot despite some people doing everything to ensure the opposite. It’s stupid and ridiculous that we can give the boys better promo than the people who are paid to do it, and it’s successful. No Control has airplay in radio stations all over the states, it’s requested on stations all over the world, and it’s creeping up charts. It has support in the industry from people who aren’t obliged to care but do, because we do.


  1. The OT4

Sure, No Control: the album version features the five former members of One Direction, but there’s no reason this shouldn’t be released. Four is an excellent album. Four is advancement and growth and an album that all the boys wrote on. Nearly every single track has credit to one or more of them. So they should be proud of it. And they should keep releasing from it. And the songs they release should be happy songs. There’s always too much negativity surrounding them. There’s always so many lines in the news about them breaking up, or falling apart, or Harry leaving, or in-band wars. But they aren’t, they really aren’t, he isn’t, and there isn’t. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes that they love each other, and instead of encouraging these rumours as a way of publicity they could just support the lads. Shine a good light on them. Show them as a united front that cares about the fans who love them.

Releasing No Control will state loudly that they are more than capable of going on as a four, that it isn’t a case of cutting their losses and starting again with a new album in the future. They worked hard and that shouldn’t be taken away from them, it should be celebrated with a badass summer single.





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