I have a week off work because of industrial action. My first thought at the start of this was ‘I wonder how much weight I can lose in eight days’. My brain is an unhealthy place, I know that. I know that, like depression, my food and weight issues will be with me forever. I’ll always be in recovery from that. And this is a relapse. And it will happen. I’ve at least managed to curb the amount of exercise I do so I don’t go completely crazy, and since mum is coming home from work for lunch I’m eating. It’s a tiny tiny step at a time thing.

I started a fashion blog on tumblr based around the beautiful Giovanna Fletcher and her style.


it’s fun. It’s really fun. I’m enjoying that.

Today I have to do some work. For real. No more dallying. I have a playdate tomorrow with a lovely lady and a little princess.


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